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Life After Covid, Finally Reunited!

After quarantining two weeks apart, it was finally time to settle back in, together, as a family unit, and continue on with life, as we had been before covid came into play. We walked out of this with a much deeper appreciation for one another, and definitely cherish the time and love we share together. It was definitely a mental challenge being apart, and even more so a physical one for Daniel, who had to take on the care for our boys day in and day out, without a break, or any assistance from any family. We reunited just before Valentines Day, a perfectly fitting time to shower each other with all the love we have inside, but first we decorate our boys nursery with some mementos and love ornaments.


Time to Decorate

Daniel created some beautiful wooden hearts and painted in colors to match their nursery. We hung them over their cribs on a beautiful wooden beaded chain with hangers attached. We definitely love to adorn their room for every holiday, and celebrating love is incredibly special to us, so why not bring a bit of love to our boys nursery as well. Dennis' mom also brought us so more quilts she found while cleaning our her garage, that Dennis' grandmother had quilted 40 years before, and the colors fit perfectly with their decor and the Valentines holiday. It's important for us to bring in these special touches, to make their nursery, that much more special and allow all of our family to be connected to the space, since most still cannot visit, due to the pandemic.

Celebrating Love

Nothing beats spending quality time together and celebrating love. After our boys were born, we haven't had much quality time to share alone, so we wanted to make the night very special. We cooked up some amazing steak and lobster, and Daniel decorated the yard with a beautiful array of lights surrounding our dinner table and of course a heart on the hedge to commemorate the occasion. It was so beautiful and special and desperately needed after the past two weeks we've had. We've always made it a point to celebrate each other and our love as much as we possibly can, but because our boys require so much of our time and energy, that was put on the back burner. It was definitely very necessary and we couldn't be happier to be together again and share in all the love we have for one another.

A Brighter Day Is Upon Us - From Dennis to Daniel

No matter how difficult and dark life may be, there will always be a brighter day upon us. Life has a way of proving, that time and time again, things will get better, with hope, an open heart, and a positive outlook. While dealing with COVID, I often thought of my amazing husband and beautiful babies and that made everything that much clearer for me. I had something to fight for, something to live for, a beautiful family that loved and missed me, and wanted their papa back, happy, and healthy again. It is often said, “It takes a village…” but in my case, my husband ran an entire village on his own, without help, with nothing but his own love for his family, our boys, and the hope of coming out of this better and stronger than ever before. Love can move mountains, and mountains he moved. I could not be more grateful to you for always stepping up to the plate, with honesty and integrity, going above and beyond for all of us, caring for me while I was ill, and being the backbone of this entire family. Life is rather short and fleeting but with love and support, anything is possible, anything can be overcome, and dreams can become reality. I love you honey with every part of my being, and I will love you more today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today, no matter what tomorrow brings. On this new day, we celebrate the calm with an even deeper appreciation for each other, for our family, as we make the impossible, possible and turn weakness into strength.


YouTube Video

Check out this weeks video below as we put covid behind us, reunite as a family, and celebrate all the love we have within. It's incredible how much love we've received, and we read every single comment and cherish every single one. It has helped us tremendously as we dealt with this difficult moment in our lives, so thank you to those who have sent us words of encouragement and well-wishes to Dennis and our family. We are forever indebted to you!


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