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CUBA SOS - The Time is Now!

After 62 years of an oppressive regime, Cubans have had enough. They have taken to the streets to voice their protest against their basic liberties and rights, and are asking for FREEDOM! As many of you are aware, we were fortunate enough to be born in a free and democratic country, but our ancestors faced a different fate.

Our Ancestors

They were born in Cuba, from Santiago de Cuba to Camaguey to Santa Clara. The people of Cuba have been through dictator after dictator, beginning with Bautista and after failed promises of a democratic dictator-free world, Fidel Castro chattered the dreams of its residents when it started Nationalizing oil and businesses and indoctrinating its people with socialist and communist principles. Our grandparents fled as soon as they lost everything they had ever worked on hopes of finalizing their hopes and dreams elsewhere, which brought them to American soil, the land of opportunities. Because of their courage to create a better life for their families, we must now raise our voices, open our pockets, and fight in their honor for the nation of Cuba, because enough is enough, and we all deserve the same freedom!

Let's help the people of Cuba gain FREEDOM

It's important that we spread awareness, and continue to do so, with the best information out there, and not give up on this until at last, they can be free, like most of the World. Here are some ways we can help the Cuban people, both financially and otherwise!

Zelle: - From link above

  • Laura Marrero is receiving funds and medicine donations in Miami to send to Cuba:

  • Follow these pages on Instagram for Cuban content:

YouTube Video

Check out our YouTube video dedicated to the fight and plight to help our brothers and sisters of Cuba. We will never give up until we once again have a free Cuba! Do your part to help in this crisis.

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