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Our Twins Turn One - Dean & Devin's Official Birthday Party

Alas the day is here and its time to reunite with those we hold near and dear, to celebrate Dean and Devin's ONEderful Adventure- 1st Birthday Bash! It's been a difficult and divided year, and for us, their birthday will be the first time many meet Dean and Devin and will also be the day everyone meets our amazing surrogate and her family. It's a day of many firsts and we couldn't be more excited to take everyone on the journey.

The Venue

The venue for their birthday was where we were originally going to host a 150+ person baby shower and surprise gender reveal in April of 2020, but as we all know, Covid struck and rerouted our plans. The venue and many vendors had already been paid, so we were able to put it all on pause for another occasion, and their 1st birthday was the perfect fit. Covid cases had decreased significantly (end of June 2021) and 98% of those attending were vaccinated. We kept the guest count to below 40 guests, only our closest family, and our boys Godparents. The venue itself is enormous and has plenty of open area and outdoor space as well, so we felt completely safe hosting this event.

The Theme

Because most people attending and those who will be watching (YouTube video below) have not been a part of our day-to-day and milestone celebrations, we wanted to recap all the incredible moments we've shared with our boys for everyone to enjoy together! We were inspired, and decided to bring their nursery to life by recreating many of their nursery components in the venue and highlighting via the four seasons of the year, by selecting the most important celebrations for each season and bringing that to life, in some way, shape or form.


We highlighted winter by showcasing our sledding adventure- by having a snow cone station. For spring, we highlighted our Easter festivities with a picnic in the park- by providing a station with decorated cookies befitting our Easter celebration. For summer we brought to life our camping adventures, by having a tent and custom painted mushroom inflatables for kids to enjoy. We also had a build-a-bear workshop where kids could create their own custom stuffed bears and bring them to life with their own birth certificates and heart beats. Lastly, for fall we brought to life our boys Halloween getup- the cutest little pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, by creating a popcorn station (we attended a corn maze for Halloween) and filled it with tons of gorgeous pumpkins!

Special Touches

Their cribs were recreated by Meaningful Touches and became a focal point, and table setup for all the kids that attended. They really did a spectacular job bringing their cribs to life and we couldn't be more thankful.

Entertainment for the event was provided by the one and only, Enchanted Fairytale Parties. They recreated our heart-beat bears from our IVF journey, brought them to life, and had their entertainers dressed to match them exactly. They danced the day away and provide a beautiful touch of entertainment and fun that was much needed after such a difficult year.

Special thank you to White Rose Bounce House Rentals for the incredible all-white bounce house which all the kids, and some adults, thoroughly enjoyed.

Backdrop for the event was created by Big House Print, which brought to life the tree-scape mural we painted in their nursery, beautifully. They also printed all our signage, and added all the prints throughout the event.

Thank you to the best cookie maker in the game, Little Lilis! She's been making cookies for us even before our boys were born and her cookies have been a big milestone celebration item for us while we've been in isolation.

One of the biggest hits and sensations of the party was the ball pit! The kids loved running and diving in and even our boys got to enjoy some ball-pit fun! Thank you to Love 2 Play Miami, for their beautiful neutral themed ball pit, perfect for the occasion!

Here is the full list of vendors for Dean and Devin's ONEderful Adventure 1st Birthday Bash:

Thank you to all who assisted, donated, and worked effortlessly to make our boys birthday as magical as it was! We are truly grateful for you and your hard work! Be sure to hit them up for any events of your own, and tell them we sent you their way! They are the best!

YouTube Video

Without further ado, check out the magical celebration in video format, by clicking the thumbnail below! Be sure to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE- if you haven't already done so! We appreciate all the love sent our way, and the hate as well- makes us appreciate what we have even more!

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