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Celebrating One Year of YouTube

Seriously can't believe we're one year in, on our YouTube journey started from what we thought was a need to highlight Latino LGBGTQ+ families. Although there are a few out there, there aren't very many, and we felt showing our family and our journey would help create awareness and de-stigmatize families such as ours. Fast forward and we are ONE year in, and although it's taken an incredible amount of work, more than we ever thought possible, we are grateful to have the opportunity to share ourselves, and mostly for all the love shown us!

How It Started

At first we were hit with a ton of negativity and hate, which we were not used to, to say the least. We lived in a bubble of acceptance and love, from families and friends, and hate was something we had to get used to. We were now sharing our lives publicly, and any hate received, would never surpass the amount of love an acceptance and feedback we would receive in abundance. The process of bringing light to LGBTQ+ families such as ours, was one that came riddled with close-minded ignorant folk that are filled with disgust and hatred, and chose to share that instead of love, and that is their choice, but ours if of LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and APPRECIATION!

We can also very honestly say that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to start our YouTube and social media journey. Along with creating our channel, we started this blog, and we went full force into our Instagram posting as well with several weekly postings and a YouTube video every single week, minus a couple straggling weeks we just couldn't make it all happen. We are human after all, and with twin boys in tow, it gets very difficult to make it all happen, all the time. But the efforts, although difficult, and time absorbing, have been incredibly worthwhile, and we've grown tremendously, on all platforms.

How its Going

After 52 videos, we've learned to put the hatred aside, which we still receive sporadically, especially on any viral videos, and not let that affect our spirit and drive to continue on. Any hatred received is deleted and blocked and we continue on with our lives, as if it were never received. There are times we do respond, as politely as possible, to let them know it's not ok, but that happens on a rare occasion.

Our channel has surpassed 2.3 million views, with nearly 12,000 subscribers, and incredible feat on its own, and more than we ever expected! The hours on end spent nightly/weekly and the sleepless nights wondering how we would make our next video possible, have all been worth it for us. And of course, we couldn't do it without your love and support, and we are indebted to you for it all!

Daniels Top 3 Videos

Dennis' Top 3 Videos

YouTube Video

We couldn't get here without our incredible subscribers, watchers, commenters, likers, family and friends. As we hit this new milestone, we have to say the biggest THANK YOU to all of you for sending us so much love and support, without which, this would never be possible! We appreciate you, we see you and we read all your beautiful messages, so keep them coming!

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