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Our First Official Fathers Day

What a year, what a ride, and what an incredible feeling it is to be able to celebrate what it means to be a father. For us, we celebrate fathers' day every day, but as a once a year designated celebratory date, we took it all in stride and finally got together with our family for the very first time in nearly a year-and-a-half. Covid cases are down quite a bit and most of the family is fully vaccinated, so we felt it safe enough to get together with the most immediate family for a day of bonding!

Alas we reunite as a family

Dennis' mom invited us all over for an early Fathers' Day dinner, and as dads on a very tight napping and feeding schedule, it was the perfect occasion for our boys to finally meet their uncle, aunt, and cousins, live and in flesh. Up until now, they had only met through a window or glass door, but we decided to slowly tear the covid band aid off and allow our family to heal from a year of separation. This would be the first time they are able to touch, feel, and play and we want nothing more than our boys to be close to their family, especially their cousins. Growing up, family was so important to us, and the times we shared with our family and cousins forever molded the adults we became and the relationships we held with our family members. It's important for us to instill these same principles of togetherness that we had growing up.

Meaning of Father's Day for US

Although we've been fathers for nearly a year, the day of celebration means so much more to us now than it ever did before becoming a parent. For US it's the culmination of all the hard work and effort and the success of a 2.5 year journey coming to an end and having healthy beautiful boys at the end of it all. It means, our dreams as closeted men came true. Growing up we always wanted this for ourselves, but we never knew it would be a possibility given the difficulties of "coming out", the hardships we've faced along the journey of life, and the challenges and struggles it would take to become a parent in a heteronormative world. We did it and we couldn't be happier as a result. Our boys are now our biggest blessings and each day will be a new celebration and every milestone will be enjoyed to its maximum extent!

YouTube Video

Check out the video below of our Fathers' Day fun! Although we kept it simple, it was important we unite as a family and spend quality time with those we hold near and dear. Let us know your thoughts, and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe (if you haven't already done so). We love you all and are so appreciative of all the continued love and blessings sent our way!

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