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Weekend with the Dads

Our boys are now nearing the 10 month mark, and these dads are starting to feel the burn! Bigger babies means heavier, more energetic, and more mobile boys! Luckily, we are nearing the end of the pandemic that has crushed many families and businesses and severed vigor across the globe. Not only did many lose jobs, but many are forced to work from home, school from home, and pretty much never leave their homes, except for the bare necessities.

We are both fully vaccinated at this point, and eagerly waiting to hear the words, HERD IMMUNITY, to venture out further with our boys as these four walls are caving in on us! This past week, we took our boys to get some testing done and ventured out to the park, soaked with them in our main bath tub and they saw bubbles for the very first time!


Our Boys Development

We took our boys to a development specialist this past week to make sure they were on the right track with their growth, posture and hitting milestones. Because of their premature birth, we're always worried, as I'm sure many parents are, that they're behind or skipping important steps in their growth that may affect them in the future. Dean, for example, was not sitting up properly, and instead would place his legs behind him and knees forward and sit in an awkward position, which the specialist advised against. We're now correcting him and he is doing great at sitting correctly, more times than not. He's been standing quite a bit as well, so having proper posture is important to making sure he walks without any posture issues. Devin, has been behind with sitting up and not doing it at all. He always been a month or two behind Dean, and its been worrisome for us, but we were told not all babies are the same and to allow him his time, which we have been doing. He's since been crawling up a storm, but we were advised that he should attend some therapy to help him crawl correctly and that in tern will assist with him sitting up and standing up as well. It's a process, but an important one, and we were happy to get some guidance, and make sure we're doing the right thing and helping them along. Aside from some posture issues, their development is right on track and they're doing great, which we were very pleased to hear.


Weekend Adventures

We can speak for many families with small children when we say, we are losing our minds, and staying locked at home in no longer an option for us, after doing this for months and months on end. Our boys are definitely not having it either, and are eager to explore the outdoors and them some! They can only stay in their pens, cribs, fenced in areas for so long before they lose their shit! For us, it's been a challenge trying to keep them safe and try to leave the house and see new things as often as we could. Although dads are fully vaccinated, babies aren't and a vaccine has yet to be approved, so we must still use utmost precaution with them when leaving the house.

We've pretty much seen every park Miami has to offer at this point, swung them from every swing imaginable and walked them in countless neighborhoods hoping to open their senses to new things each and every day. We visited the keys the weekend before for the day and went to our first restaurant, outdoors, and sat secluded under some palm trees near the water. It was definitely a relaxing time, well, as relaxing as it can be with two babies who want dads attention, constantly! We were happy to be out and explore new lands and see the water and feel the warm cool breeze, even if just for an hour.


Over the next few weeks, we're hoping to take the boys to the zoo for the first time, probably during the week, when its less crowded, and hopefully we can visit the keys once again, but stay for the weekend this time around. These dads also need a tiny break for themselves, so we're hoping to have a daddy date night without the kiddos, so we're on the hunt for a fully-vaccinated sitter and will be documenting all this for you in the near future!

YouTube Video

Check out the video below, where we vlog our daddy/boy weekend fun adventures including a chitchat on our boys development progress. Our boys went to a couple parks, saw bubbles for the very first time, and had some tub-soaking-fun! As always, don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already done so to help the algorithm spread our video which helps create awareness and destigmatize families such as ours!


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