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Our Wedding Day

Our wedding was and is the happiest day of our lives, pre-babies. It was the day that we joined forces and became one. I think that as boyfriends, we longed for the day we could unite, double-down on our relationship and put all our might into growing as one, and taking our love to the next level. As Dennis' brother stated in this vows, marriage is about finding the person you can't live without, and we definitely found that with each other.


On Location in Temecula, California!

As lovers of wine and nature, we both wanted a location away from the hustle and bustle of South Florida, a place where we could relax with our closest family in friends, and celebrate our union. About 10 months before we were to wed, Daniel flew over to California's Southern Wine Country, aka Temecula, California to tour wineries and scout a location for our ceremony. Temecula is definitely a hidden gem, and a gorgeous city full of wineries, history and sites to see. After visiting a few different wineries, he fell in love with Ponte Winery. Not only was it highly rated and reviewed, but it was definitely a site to behold in person. Daniel immediately called Dennis and expressed his love for the location, and sent over a ton of photos and videos to get his perspective as well.

We wanted an outdoor ceremony with the backdrop of the grapevines and this location had the perfect one! It also had a secondary outdoor location with a lake and fountain backdrop which was beautiful as well. We chose the grapevines backdrop, of course! For the reception, we definitely wanted something indoors, as South Floridians were used to events getting ruined by rain, and were very cautious! Ponte has the most stunning barrel room, filled with active barrels, aging day by day. As soon as Daniel saw this room, he knew this was the place for us! We immediately selected our dates and signed on the dotted line to reserve this location!


Time to Celebrate!

A few months later, we both traveled over to Ponte to see the location together, as Daniel was very excited to show Dennis, and wanted him to share in the same excitement he felt the day he first laid eyes on the location. Dennis was immediately as much in love with Ponte as was Daniel, and we both knew we had made the perfect choice. We enjoyed doing tastings and having Daniels brother and sister join in on those incredible moments. Another reason we chose California was because Daniel had tons of family living there and Temecula was only a couple hours drive away for them. We wanted to have only family and close friends attend, and keep the celebration as fun and intimate as possible, and considering how large our friends and family group really is, that was not an easy feat.

It was truly a magical day for us and we are so grateful to be able to share this video with the entire World. We love to love, and everything it stands for. With love, anything and everything is possible. Love is the glue that unites and heals and helps society grow and evolve. Thank you to all the amazing friends and family that attended our wedding. Many came from afar to be there on our very special day! Thank you to Ashlee Bee Photography for your incredible talent. Photos were stunning! Also want to thank Ryan Green Films for all the incredible videography of our special day! Very grateful to each and every one of you for making us feel joy, and making our union that much more meaningful. Because of you, we matter!


YouTube Video

Enjoy our wedding celebration below. Today, March 2nd, 2021, marks 3 years since that magical day. We relive it constantly and enjoying seeing all the all-encompassing happiness, the endless dancing (and drinking *wink), and the bountiful fun shared by all. As always, thank you for sending us love both on YouTube and our Instagram accounts as well. We enjoy all the comments, and write back to all of them, so keep them coming, and if you haven't already done so, SUBSCRIBE and click that notification bell to be reminded of all future posts! We have so much more to share and post a new video every Tuesday!


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