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One Dad, Two Babies - Daytime Routine including Changing Station Must Haves!

After a few weeks at home, Dennis' paternity leave was coming to a close, which meant, Daniel would be at home -ALONE- during the day with babies. Luckily, we also have some great moms, our babies Nana and Ayita, who come around 2-3 times a week to help with feedings and then some, but sometimes Daniel is alone doing it all (as the YouTube video below shows)!

Feeding when alone, can be somewhat of a challenge, with two screaming babies, so the Twin-Z pillow is definitely a life-saver during this scenario. The pillow can be fastened around dad, with a section on either side for each baby to be propped and both can be bottle-fed at the same time. However, tandem feeding can't always occur! Dean, our first born, has had quite a number of reflux and tummy issues and he can get quite fussy while feeding so he usually needs to be fed alone. Doctors put him on meds for some time, and that meant, feeding meds mixed with formula, then waiting 15-30 minutes and feeding remainder of formula feed. Devin feeds much quicker, as he had not had any issues with reflux or milk allergies. He's our little fatty, who loves his bottle!

In order to maximize space and time, its important to have an efficient setup for changing, as Daniel discussed in the YouTube video below. See below for some important must-haves and links to all the products we use and recommend.

Changing Station Must Haves for Newborns:

  1. Changing pad of some sort (We love the one that came with our 4moms playard (, but also use a bumbo changing pad)

  2. Diaper caddy to keep everything organized

  3. Diapers (only current size being used)

  4. Butt paste (Desitin or Boudreaxs' have worked great for us) & Paddle to apply (keeps your hands nice and clean and not sticky)

  5. Snot sucker ( We use both Nosefrida and an electric nasal aspirator)

  6. Thermometer (A must for checking their temperature constantly!)

  7. Meds they require (for us it's gas relief drops- Little Remedies and Mylicon)

  8. Grooming products (nail filers or sanders, brushes, combs, etc.)

  9. Baby Cologne (Ya'll know we're obsessed with Violetas (Corlys brand is best)-

  10. Baby Wipes (We prefer allergen free and mostly water-based such as Water Wipes)

  11. Burp cloths, blankets, swaddles, and a few changes of clothes (onesies preferred!)

  12. Diaper Pail (we prefer the Ubbi Steel because it uses standard garbage bags)

  13. Hamper for dirty baby clothing and burp cloths

Check out this detailed amazon list below made just for this blog to simplify your lives!

Once feedings are complete and babies are asleep, its once again time to catch up on keeping the home and baby items in order, including washing and sterilizing all baby bottles (We recommend the Papablic sterilizer -, presoaking stained burp cloths in clorox and Oxiclean baby ( , then washing with rest of clothes using baby detergent ( in washing machine. We also like to take advantage of trimming babies nails while they're asleep. We've learned this through much practice and this is definitely the best way for us, and safest for them.


Once they're nice and awake, its tons of talking and entertaining and a few minutes of tummy time is great for strengthening their neck muscles and prep them for sitting up and spoon feedings. We usually keep them on the playmat for this but sometimes have them hanging over the Twin-Z pillow as well. They enjoy tummy time, at least for a couple minutes, and that's all they can handle at this point! Slowly but surely, they will be able to take on more tummy time so be patient.

YouTube Video

Check out the YouTube video below, where Daniel takes over all the daily duties of caring for both babies, including some great tips and tricks and changing station must haves.


Here are some useful links for new parents and their little ones! Click the links below!

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