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Living with COVID-19

Saying its been rough, is an understatement. Although Dennis has not been gravely ill, he has experienced most of the more common COVID symptoms including migraine, chills, fever, body aches, loss of taste and smell, stomach issues and loss of appetite. Thankfully, nearly two weeks in, he's now feeling better and we are on the up and out of this terrible dilemma. Another thankful moment for us... Daniel and our boys have tested negative and have maintained themselves COVID-free! Just goes to show the length of care we have taken in our home to keep our family safe. Dennis has been isolated in the main bedroom and bathroom for the entire time and has not left, only to take a covid test.


How have we been coping?

It's been a physical and mental challenge for both of us, to say the least. I think more so, Daniel has been challenged physically, having to take on the care of our boys 24 hours a day for the entirety of Dennis' diagnosis. We usually split up when Dennis is home and each take one baby for feedings and help one another with bathing and on weekends we both work together to prepare their weekly purees and keep the house organized and clean. Daniel has had take on every single task related to our boys, and it's taking a toll on him. It's also been much more complicated, having to place our boys in their newborn bassinets downstairs in our office. They're practically popping out of them, given they are now 7 months old and big boys. Daniel has had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor, because our remaining bedroom with a bed is upstairs, and the rest were converted into an office, a huge closet for the Dads, and our boys nursery.

Also, not being able to be with one another has been a mental challenge for both of us. We miss each other and our company very much and not having that daily connection from our other half, has been very depressing and lonely. We're each others rock and support one another constantly, and we definitely have tons of catching up to do and cuddles to make up for once life normalizes.


While Daniel has been nonstop taking care of our boys, Dennis' has been upstairs keeping busy with work, work and more work. His retail store, Linda Home Center, has been quite busy during this pandemic, and construction seems to be picking up so he's been busy working on bids/proposals and just making sure the workflow is keeping up and employees are working as efficiently as possible. Working from home is definitely not easy, or the same, but without an alternative, it's the best he can do for now. As soon as he gets two negative tests, or he surpasses the timeframe required for isolation as per CDC guidelines, he will be back at work, as per usual.

What has helped Dennis' with his COVID symptoms?

We always recommend anyone dealing with COVID to consult their doctor for recommendations, but in an effort to help others, here is what Dennis has been taking, as recommended by his doctors and nurses.

- Tylenol (Extra Strength):

- Baby Aspirin 81mg:

- Immune booster:

- Epsom Salt for body aches (soaking):

- Ginger Turmeric Tea:

*The above links are affiliate links, which may generate a commission to the dads, at no additional cost to you!


Aside from all the above medications or vitamins, it's important to keep the mind active and to get as much rest as one possibly can. After all, that is what the body needs to get better. Dennis has practiced tons of meditation, as well, to keep the mind in check and soaked in epsom salt baths on the daily to relieve the body aches. Body aches have been pretty constant, along with chills and fever. It's been a very strange virus, different from anything every experienced before. One day he's feeling great, like it's all coming to an end, and the next, fever and chills are back and it's almost back to square one. After two weeks of that, symptoms have finally subdued and he's feeling much better and testing regularly hoping for two consecutive negatives! So far, no luck, only positive tests have occurred.

YouTube video

Check out this weeks video vlog below, as we cope with the daily stresses of living with covid. As you can see, it has been a physical and mental challenge, different for both, but at the end of it all, we are grateful that Dennis is healing and his symptoms weren't extreme enough to require a hospitalization. There are many that haven't been as fortunate, so for that, we are eternally grateful.


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