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How did we get so lucky? Celebrating 3/4 of a year & Easter

Can't believe another milestone is here, our boys are 9 months old today! Our boys have been with us longer than they've been in-utero! The bond we have created together is irreplaceable. It's crazy how, in 9 short months, they've made their presence very known and their personalities are more evident each day that passes.



Our first born, Dean, is now standing, and wanting to do so more and more each day. Of course, with that, come the falls, and the higher he stands, the larger the fall. It's all part of the learning game, but these dads are so tightly wound every time he stands it's hard to see. We can't stand seeing our boy fall time and time again, sometimes without hesitation, other times with many tears and pain. Our poor baby is growing and all we can do is standby and watch him explore the World, even if it means sometimes you fall down, but hopefully soon enough he'll learn from his mistakes and pain and will come back down as gracefully as he stood.

Devin, our sweet angel baby, has come into his own as well. He's been using his arms, sometimes together to thrust his little chubby body forward. It is the absolute sweetest thing you will ever see. Our little baby, who struggled so much at birth, is now stronger than ever, and you would never know about what he went through, because he is the happiest baby in the World. You can place him anywhere and he will find joy and play with anything you give him. He has such a beautiful warm and patient soul. We are so lucky to be his Dads.


The past nine months have flown by with our boys, but we have made it a point to celebrate each and every moment possible, and have created incredible memories along the way. From first, and messy, puree feedings, to two vacations in the mountains, to camping in the Everglades (only for one night), each stop on our journey has been a blessing and a learning experience. There have been many struggles along the way, from Dean's difficulty with formula feedings and bad reaction to his first formula, to multiple pediatrician and specialist appointments, to Devin struggling with constant rashes on his face and bum, and requiring all kinds of creams and ointments. Every struggle has taught us patience and perseverance, more than we ever thought possible, no matter how difficult a challenge may be. These dads have been exhausted many of times, but with babies, there is no time for rest, and every moment must never be taken for granted.

A sense of normalcy to return

As the World normalizes, we look forward to exploring so much more of this World with our boys. Hopefully, in the near future, we can resume travels and dive further into our background, where we came from, our ancestry, and how they came to be. It will be a lifelong journey of exploration, and one we look forward to continuing, each and every day. Our little miracles have brought us so much joy, and we live each day in gratitude for their presence, and for those who helped bring them into this World. The love we have for them is immeasurable, and we could not picture our lives without them. Our boys, once a dream we never though possible, are now the biggest blessings we have every received.


First Easter

Their first Easter means surprises are among us. Daniels sister surprised our boys with a life-sized Easter bunny on Easter morning. They had no clue what the heck it was but we ran with it and made a big deal out of the bunny and they seemed to enjoy it and take it all in stride. Even Zoey lucked out with a carrot doggy treat!

After our bunny visit, we decided to take our boys to the park and do a beautiful picnic setup with a tables and tapestries and all the nine yards. Daniel definitely loves to go above and beyond for every celebration, and Easter was not to be left out. Our boys outfits were also designed by Daniel with a seamstress. He shopped all the material online and Daniels vision was brought to life and our boys couldn't look any cuter. Check out the photos below!

YouTube Video

Check out our video below as we celebrate our boys new milestone, reaching 9 months of age, along with all the fun Easter can bring! As always, like, comment and subscribe to keep our video going!


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