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Virtual Gender Reveal - The Night Our Lives Lit up in BLUE!

Here we go again.... It's 2020... haha! J/k! But yeah, given the year, and the beginning of what would be the worst pandemic in recorded history, we could not host our gender reveal, as planned back in April. About one month before our event was to take place, the spread of the virus was clear, and it was important that we not only adhered to CDC guidelines, but we wanted to keep those we hold near and dear, completely safe from harm. Even though we had already selected and paid for the venue, photographers and videographers, decor, tables and chairs, and pretty much everything was lined up, our event was not to be and we had to come to grips with that. Hopefully we can use some of these credits for a future event, once it is safe to do so.


We decided on...

We had to change lanes and come up with some new ideas for a virtual event, so we asked our Instagram followers/friends for some ideas for the event. Our followers were amazing and gave us a ton of ideas, from shooting a bow and arrow, to hitting a baseball, to smoke effects, to confetti popping, to even revealing the genders in our underwear (that's a pretty awesome idea!). We decided on a laser light show gender reveal after Glen, from Liquid Sky Laser, reached out to us with the idea. The idea sounded pretty spectacular and given that we have two-story ceilings in the entrance of our home, that would be the perfect setting for the event, to show off the amazing light show. Glen killed it with his laser show and we couldn't be more grateful to him for doing this for us. It was an epic show and everyone watching had so much fun with it as well.

Photos from Liquid Sky Laser Events:


We also wanted some music to cement the event, so Daniel, who is in the event industry, reached out to his friends at Event Factor, who supplied an incredible mix from the likes of Cardi B. Because of copyright laws, our YouTube video below does not feature the original music from this mix, but it was an amazing mix, and worked perfectly with the lasers, which were timed to the music and made the reveal incredibly special and momentous.

The Genders

After telling our closest family and friends about our surrogacy pregnancy, we decided we wanted to continue the surprises, and would surprise everyone during the originally set baby shower. Upon cancelling the event, we decided we would host the gender reveal, but the reveals were a complete surprise to us and everyone else. Our surrogate had reached out to Glen, from Liquid Sky Laser and informed him of the genders, so he could setup the laser show, and he was the only one who knew! We decided on two countdowns, one for each baby, and at the end of the countdown, the colors would light up in either blue or pink. The reveal began and the first countdown occurred and the lights turned BLUE. What a happy moment for both of us. Dennis thought it would be two girls and Daniel thought one of each, but upon the second countdown the lights turned BLUE once again and we were to have TWO BOYS! We were in shock for weeks after this, a happy shock, but shock nonetheless. A child is a blessing and we were double blessed with two beautiful boys! We could not be happier!


YouTube Video

Check out the video below as we discuss our virtual gender reveal, including the two countdowns of the live laser show. As this is the last video of the year, we wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for all their kindness and support via this blog and our YouTube channel, and all social media outlets. We couldn't do it without your love and support and for that, we are truly grateful! May 2021 bring you everything your heart desires, but most importantly, good health, greater friendships and peace of mind. Happy New Year!


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