Twins First Halloween

The excitement of the holiday season approaching is palpable! We definitely love to play dress-up and immerse ourselves in it, so what better holiday than Halloween to begin the experience! As the first Halloween with our twins, Daniel created a mood-board of ideas for us to choose from and we decided on.....


And of course, we needed to do a photoshoot to cement the event, in full costume getup, in an open cornfield in the middle of nowhere... actually somewhere in the Redlands area! lol

Check out the photos and video below and and let us know what you think! Thank you to our amazing photographer, Kevin Galante, for all the amazing shoots he does for us, including this one!

Daniel was incredibly crafty with our costumes and props. Using the magic of a glue gun, our clothing was altered with accessories of the hay variety and similar scarecrow-ish add-ons including patches of material and some natural products. Daniel purchased the craft pumpkins and stuffed and sewed them together. You can purchase them on Amazon using this link:

Lastly, it wouldn't be official without a portrait of our twins inside actual pumpkins! They were hesitant at first, put eventually took it all in stride. What great little models they are!

Check out this video collage and let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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