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After almost a year, we FINALLY reunited with our surrogate!

We recently had a long weekend and as it safer to travel, so we ventured to North Florida to visit our surrogate and her family, as its been nearly 11 months (from boys birth) since we've seen them all. We do keep in contact with them often, and take advantage of Facetime and send as many photos as we can, but it's nothing like being with them in person. When we started our surrogacy journey, we decided we wanted to have a long-term relationship with our surrogate and her family, so we can show our boys exactly how they came to be and the amazing woman and family that made them a possibility. Not all journeys are alike and that is definitely something that needs to be agreed upon from the get-go. For us, it was imperative and we're so happy that they wanted the same as well!

Upon our arrival, we immediately wanted to hit the beach with our boys, as it was early evening and the sun was about to set, so we knew they weren't going to get hit with heavy UV rays. In our minds, we imagined them in their cute little rainbow floaties, enjoying the fresh air, but in reality, the water was frigid cold and the waves were pounding so hard we couldn't even step in. But we did place them on the sand and they loved it! Although Devin tried to scarf down handfuls of it, overall, they had a very enjoyable beach time, even though it lasted merely minutes. We had the rest of the weekend to try again, and hopefully the waves were more calm during the day. We had also made plans to see some of our NICU nurses, and they were going to meet us at our hotel the next afternoon.


The following morning, we rustled out of bed and pulled our boys from their playpen and contacted our surrogate Tiffany to see where we could all meet up. Whenever we travel, we can't chug along with cribs, so the boys sleep in their 4moms playpen, and if we're all in the same room, this means the dads go to sleep, or at least lay quietly in bed, in the dark, when its bedtime for the boys. It's definitely not ideal, but given we planned this trip very last minute, the only thing we could find was a small cottage, with one large sleeping area, so we made it work as best we could.

We agreed to meet at a park nearby our hotel/cottage, that was shady, as it was quite sunny, and the park featured an enormous kids playground with baby swings! Baby swings are sometimes rare at many parks, so this was a plus for us, as our boys love the swings. We grabbed some quick Dunkin, as these dads needed some copious amounts of coffee to get through a somewhat sleepless night and he headed to the park, with anxious anticipation. We hadn't seen them in nearly 11 months and were so excited to finally be reunited. As soon as we parked, Tiffany ran over to us and it was as if we never parted. We hugged each other and it was such a memorable moment for us. We spent the next couple hours together in the park, catching up on the last 11 months, overall life adventures, and discussing our boys birthday plans with them. They had already booked their hotel to come down for the 1st birthday celebration, which we cannot wait for! We made plans to meet up again, on the beach with their entire family, who were hosting a beach day, the following day. Sadly, that didn't work out, because boys didn't nap when they needed to so we met them at their house instead and spent hours with them and their girls, and family members came by and met the boys for the very first time. It was a wonderful time for all of us, as its very important that our boys know Tiffany, Jesse and their girls and bonding time is so important to create memories for our boys.

Dedication to Tiffany

To our incredible surrogate, the bravest woman we’ve ever known, Tiffany. When the thought of surrogacy crossed our minds, we imagined a journey full of challenges, peaks and valleys, and hopefully a healthy baby at the end of it all. What we got so much more, two beautiful healthy boys, and a lifelong bond with the woman who made it all possible, along with her incredibly supportive husband, Jesse. Without the support of Jesse, it would have never been possible. Thank you for being the backbone and support system she needed to get through this journey with us!

Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you and your family. Without your selfless act of love and giving heart, families such as ours would never have children of their own. The journey was a challenge, given everything started as planned, and then the pandemic struck mid-way, and doctors’ appointments, ultrasounds and personal bonding were put on hold, to keep measures safe for everyone involved. But that did not stop us from staying connected, even if virtual was all we could do. From endless pregnancy tests to Facetime doctors’ appointments and ultrasounds to all the beautiful videos you sent our way, our connection never wavered. And even though it got tough at the end, you never complained, and chugged along with the biggest belly you have ever carried with poise, love and compassion, always thinking of us and how we were feeling, through the entire experience.

The day our boys were born, was the most powerful one of all. The level of strength it took to push those two babies out of your body, naturally, was indescribable! You truly are indestructible! There is no amount of appreciation that can ever be given for such a gift. Tiffany is in our World, our FOREVER HERO! Thank you for the blessings of life you have given us, for the profound impact you have made on our lives, and for the example you have set not only for your daughters, but other women around the World. It takes a strong-willed woman to take on surrogacy, and you truly make the World a better place for us all! We love you!

YouTube Video

Check out the video representation of our dedication to our wonderful Tiffany down below. As always, we'd love your feedback, with a like, subscribe and comment! Thank you for all the love!

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