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Starting a blog and a YouTube channel simultaneously has been an incredible feat for us- post surrogacy with newborn twins, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, with full-time work, and little to no time on our hands. Just goes to show the true meaning of "where there's a will, there's a way". We have been given an incredible opportunity to become dads and as gay men who can't do it on their own, that is something we are truly grateful for. When we set out on this journey, we always imagined what this would look like, but often thought about all the bad and the ugly and the hits and misses of a surrogacy journey. We got our happy ending and want nothing more than to share that and help others who are embarking on their own family growth journeys. That is our true purpose in doing this, to give back, and to show that with hope, your dreams can become a reality. We lived through the hopes and dreams of others sharing their journeys, via blogs, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and that is what gave us the push to continue trucking along in pursuit of the dream, and that is what we want to do to other families now!

We are so excited to bring you along for the ride of how we met and where we come from, our surrogacy journey (including an incredible birth vlog and NICU behind the scenes), the ups and downs of our lives with twins, baby tricks and mishaps, room tours, product recommendations and everything else that comes along the way. It is a fun ride, and one with many emotional memories and most importantly, some very laughable ones as well. We don't take ourselves too seriously and like to find the fun and excitement in everything we do, or else, what is the point? And of course, always with a Cuban coffee or wine glass in tow, and some latin music playing in the background, to keep the energy and fun alive.

If you want to join the ride, subscribe to our blog to the right to receive reminders and emails of all our blog posts. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, The Marzoa Family, and don't forget to tap the bell to receive reminders of all our Vlog posts as well!

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Our biggest dream was to one day create a family of our own and we are proof that dreams do come true!  With hope, anything and everything is possible!

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