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One Dad, Two Babies, 8 Month Daily Routine

It's been a few months since our last, One Dad, Two babies daily routine blog and vlog so its time for an update! The vlog was a sensation, and our biggest to date, so we figured we'd jump on the bandwagon once again, with their new routines and fun! Babies are now 8 months and much more alert and exploratory, so its definitely a fun time with them! Daniel has been hard at work as their state-at-home Papi, while Dennis has been working away.


Park Time

Every morning, boys wake up around 7-8am and are immediately fed their morning bottle. They are both holding their own bottles so its definitely a much easier feeding time, at least as it relates to bottle feeds. Spoon feeds are a different story and still more complex, but improving. After their morning bottle and burp, Dennis heads to work and Daniel loads babies in car and heads to one of Miami's amazing parks with boys in tow. They have come to love spending their mornings at parks, riding in swings and combing the grass for things to stick in their mouths'. Boys and Papi enjoy nature for a couple of hours before its time to head back home and prepare for their mid-day spoon feeding.

We've been prepping their spoon feeds once a week and freezing, so its less labor intensive when it comes to feeding these already difficult meals. They've been eating meat protein mixed with a vegetable, and during this weeks feed, they're eating turkey and pumpkin. Our Instapot has definitely come in handy for prepping the protein portion. We also use it for some veggies, although most are steamed and pureed. We simply pressure cook in high with some water for about 25 minutes and let pressure-release on its own, and once its safe to open the Instapot, we puree the meat using our new Ninja blender and pour into 4oz. containers. The morning of we pull out the portions for that days feed and let it defrost while boys and Papi are at the park. One of the best gifts we've received for feeding have been the KidDazzle Tiny Tux baby apron (Use coupon code MARZOA10 to save 10% off your order!) and the Baby Mate feeding spoons. Definitely life-savers when it comes to keeping food off the boys bodies and making the feeding as efficient and clean as possible. Highly recommend you grab some of those! We also use the Bumbo seats for feeding on the counter instead of a high-chairs. It's been comfortable on our backs so far, but I'm sure they will be outgrowing these chairs soon and high chairs will be coming out to play.


After feeding, they nap!

After feeding its nap time for the boys and time for Papi to clean up all the messes from lunch, and have some lunch himself. This usually means taking the Tiny Tux aprons and throwing them in the downstairs tub and hosing off with the hand shower and hanging to dry. Boys usually nap for 2-3 hours, after Papi sings them a beautiful lullaby. They love his singing and it definitely calms them down quite a bit and gets them ready for their mid-day siesta. After their siesta, its feeding time once again, but this time around, its via bottle feed, which they can do on their own and then its time to venture out once again, this time via stroller around the neighborhood with Zoey in tow.

Not every day is exactly the same, but for the most part, this is what their daily routine now looks like. There are many more things that go on behind the scenes, but nothing exciting enough to really share on here. Papi stays pretty busy all day long prepping YouTube videos and all that entails.

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YouTube Video

Check out this weeks video giving another glimpse into our boys Daily Routine with One Dad, now at 8 months of age. They're growing quickly and are definitely enjoying their time spent with Papi while Papa is away at work. As always, don't forget to like, subscribe and comment to keep the algorithm going in our favor. We appreciate all the love we continue to receive!


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