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Nursery Tour

When we found out we were having twins, we immediately began planning their nursery. We wanted their nursery to be something fun, adventurous and something they could grow into as well. Daniel immediately went on Pinterest and created a board to fill with ideas, color palettes, furniture designs and pretty much anything and everything you can think of. After having remodeled our entire home, this project was definitely our most treasured, most meaningful and most fun. So lets dive in on everything chosen, from colors, to designs, to scapes and accessories.

Color Palette and Mural

We definitely knew we wanted to paint a mural on maybe one wall, or all, but we didn't know what to paint or how, because we had extremely textured walls, which pretty much made that idea impossible. The first thing we did was hire a plastering company to scrape all the texture off and re-plaster the entire room and make sure the walls were as smooth as a babies bum (pun intended). That project took about 3 days and then we were ready to begin the painting process. While all this was being done we were finalizing our design and color selections and decided on a forest theme for mural with some mountain ranges encasing the rest of the room. Obviously we had to tie this all in so it flowed, so Daniel finalized a design which did just that! He is the true artist here!

Once our color palette was finalized we decided on 8 colors and we printed them with a high-definition color laser and Dennis would personally make all these colors at his new paint center, a break-off of his home center, Linda Home Center. It's definitely a benefit having our own paint center to explore all the options available and having the latest equipment, such as a color matching spectrophotometer, to match the colors chosen to an almost exact precision. Once all the colors were made, Daniel would immediately commence the mural project, which we knew would take some time to complete. It took approximately two weeks to complete the entire mural, and we must say, it turned out SPECTACULAR!



When it came to furniture we definitely had an idea of what we wanted. We had "pinned" many canopy style treehouse looking cribs. There was a company out of the country we were planning on hiring to build and ship our dream cribs, but there was a new problem.... a worldwide pandemic had struck and we were on lockdown and everything was extremely delayed! We would not receive them in time! We immediately jumped into action, and as the makeshift "designers" we are, we decided to make due with what was available to us local, as we had no other options at this point. We found some great IKEA hack crib ideas online and decided to take one on. Their cribs are pretty simple and made of pine so they can be molded, added on to, and stained to pretty much any color, so thats what we went with. We hired a local carpenter, AM Wood Creations, to add a canopy, using the same wood species, and stain the entire thing so it all looked uniform, and it turned out incredible. We had a few issues finding the correct stain but eventually found exactly what we were looking for. It almost looks like it was meant to be that way and came direct from factory.

The dresser and window valance were also made by AM Wood Creations, as we wanted a universal theme and wood species to be used throughout so as not to have too many conflicting wood pieces in a small space. We used reclaimed wood, stained in the same color as the cribs and it matched to a "T".

The rocker we found on a community online, which offers vintage pieces, as this particular item was no longer available, but previously a product of Pottery Barn. We wanted something very comfy, and we had previously tested similar pieces so we knew it would be, and more importantly we needed something that would match the natural feel and colors of the space. This rocker has a green hue and wood legs which fit the room perfectly.

The remaining furniture items were found either at Home Goods or other home stores around town, which we could not visit until the pandemic shutdown ended, just a couple weeks before our boys were born.



We added in quite a few, very memorable pieces, that would bring together all the love that our boys would be surrounded by. This included a small wood car, made by Daniels dad, who had passed away from cancer. We also included a quilt, made by Dennis' grandmother nearly 40 years before, which was in mint condition, as if it were made today. When our boys graduated from the IVF clinic, we were given two bears, each with the heart beat of one baby, and we included this in one of the nursery room shelves. It brought them into the space, before their actual arrival, and it was something we listened to quite often to remind us of how fortunate and lucky we were and it brought so much warmth and light into our lives when we did. The rug was made by Dennis' flooring company, Linda Flooring, again making it that much more meaningful to us. We measured the space and decided on a diameter that would fit the space and picked a comfy, cushiony rug, and cut it to shape and had the edges bound. We all enjoy this rug and are more often than not, found sprawled out on it, including our dog, Zoey. haha! Our surrogate gifted us two small wood bear stools, which we love so much and added one in front of each crib. We also dedicated a wall space to her as well, with photos of our pregnancy shoot, so our boys can see the beautiful soul that brought them into this World. She (and her family) will forever be connected to them, and to us!

YouTube Video

Check out the video below for an in-depth view of our twins nursery design and the FINAL REVEAL! Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe (if you haven't already done so) and let us know what you think and if you have any ideas for any future videos!

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