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Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be!

Seems like when things are at an all-time high and going great, the World has a way of throwing a few curve balls your way. In a way it proves how fragile one can be, and on the flip side, it shows that one has more strength within than they ever thought possible. After celebrating a wonderful and peaceful Easter last week, we hit a rough patch. Daniels grandmother Abu was to move to California to be with his sister, who would be the best caretaker for her, all things considered.


Although it didn't come out of the blue, it was never expected that Abu would actually go to California, at least Daniel didn't think it would happen anytime soon, as talks had led to zero movement in the past few months. It obviously takes tons of coordination to move an elderly woman of 90+ years across the country, and many familial conversations had taken place, and nothing had ultimately been agreed upon until very recently. The bottom line was, she needed closer care, and her caretakers in her own home were not doing an adequate job, and Daniel's sister wanted to take on the responsibility of caring for her grandmother in her own home, full-time, but it involved a move to California, where she currently resides with her husband and four children. After discussing with members of the family and planning the logistics, vaccination clearances, and many doctors appointments later, our dear Abu, was moved this week to California.

Just Abu (In Daniel's words)

My mind is flooded with wonderful memories of this beautiful, loving, and fearless woman that has so deeply impacted my life. Unless you have been loved, the way I have, you can never truly understand how difficult it is to see that person move 2,700 miles away. The truth is, my grandmother has been my mother. She has always represented my family with joy and grace, and stood firmly with pride. She stepped in when necessary, and raised my sister and I, a generosity with no bounds. As heartbreaking as it is to see her move to California and be with my sister, it is truly what is best for her, and that is what matters most!

This past year I was robbed of time and opportunities to be with my Abu, and this last week, I saw her every single day and did all the things I love to do with her. My grandmother is my hero, who stood for so many things in my life. She was my date when I needed a plus one, and always a joy to be around, and loved by all who she surrounded, even when she wasn't feeling well. She has been there for every important milestone in my life, including my wedding, and the biggest one of all, meeting my children this past year. My dreams came true! I'm so grateful for all the beautiful years we've shared together, and I couldn't ask for more. I know how lucky I am to have had her nearby for all these years, and have a bond and relationship, like we have shared, and even though she will be 2,700 miles away, I will make it my goal to see her as often as I can, as I did years ago, when I was living away myself, in New York City, and would fly down every 2-3 months to be with her.


Time for our boys first haircut!

This week we also had Dennis' grandmother over at our home, after nearly 3 months without seeing her. Now that all of us are fully vaccinated, we can venture out a bit more and have visitors who are fully vaccinated visiting as well. Dennis picked up his grandmother after work one day, and we had her over for dinner and she was present as we gave our boys their first haircut. In all fairness, it was only a slight cut using the machine, but they needed it, and they looked so adorable after their first little buzz. Devin has been growing his hair wildly uneven so we buzzed down the sides and it helped shape his face. Dean had longer hair on the back of his head which needed some trimming as well so we chopped that area down as well. You can checkout all the buzzing fun in the video below!

YouTube video

Check out the video below as we explore the ups and down of life, from Abu's departure to California to our boys first haircuts. Thank you all for the love and grace you have shown us. We appreciate all the comments and words of wisdom and positivity sent our way, so keep them coming! Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to keep our videos going!


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