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Engagement Lookback!

Can't believe we're nearing the 4 year anniversary of our engagement. It definitely was a night to remember, and one of the most incredible nights of our relationship. It was the night where family came together, from near and far, to celebrate us! The best part of all, Dennis had no clue as to what was occurring, not even a whiff, and remained oblivious until the very moment it all transpired! Daniels wish for a surprise engagement came to fruition in all its glory, in front of the amazing audience and cast members of the C'est Rouge show, at the Faena Theatre, in the Faena hotel, in Miami Beach, with all our family in tow and ever-present.


After several years, we returned to the Faena theatre, where it all happened and reminisced on how far we've come. Little did we know we would be back, in that beautiful red theatre, with two handsome little gentlemen, we call our sons. It's been a whirlwind of a ride, and we can't wait to continue the journey and see how far we can go and how much of this amazing planet we can explore! We're very grateful to management of the Faena theatre for allowing us to film this weeks video intro and interview. If you've never been to the Faena hotel, please consider giving them your business, and supporting the arts at the Faena theatre. Sadly, many of the performers for their shows have been unemployed due to the pandemic, so now is the time to support them, open your hearts and pockets and support the arts and artists that give us all so much!

The Magical Surprise

Daniel had been planning this incredible evening and surprise for a few months. He even took the liberty to ask Dennis' parents for their approval, and of course they approved, I mean, how can they not? (*wink wink) The magical day was our two year anniversary from our first date, March 2nd, and also is the day we married, exactly one year later. So on this day, Daniel was scheduled for a show at the Faena theatre, so we had agreed that Dennis would go and watch the show in the audience, for the 100th time (haha!). Dennis arrived home and Daniel had laid out a three piece suit for him to wear for the evening, a brand new suit not worn before (there's a funny story with the suit, we'll share sometime). He also left a beautiful note and mentioned to get dressed in the suit and to meet him at the Faena hotel at a certain time. Dennis was so excited he got ready and arrived nearly two hours earlier than Daniel had expected, and considering all the drama going on behind the scenes, Daniel freaked and did not know what to do. He whisked Dennis away to the nearest restaurant bar, and told him to relax and have some drinks while he rehearsed for the show. Looking back rehearsal meant a whole different thing, but at the time, Dennis had no clue what was to transpire that evening.


Upon the start of the show, Daniel had selected one of the best seats in the house, out of the 150 available, and that's where Dennis was to watch the show. He had also hired videographers and photographers for the evening and they were spread out all over the theatre. Because it is a theatre and they often are recording shows and events, it was very normal to have cameras all over the place, and therefore Dennis was oblivious to it all. In the middle of the show, Daniel was on stage and started telling the audience about our anniversary and mentioned that he had written a song for Dennis. Daniel had always mentioned that he wanted to write a song for us about our relationship so because it was our anniversary, Dennis figured he would sing the song and that would be it. It wasn't until Daniel called Dennis onto the stage that Dennis started feeling a certain way and started getting those jittery feelings. He had also consumed quite a number of alcoholic beverages throughout the night and nearly tripped walking up to the stage (not kidding)!

Daniel's sister and brother-in-law had flown in from California for the affair, and his mom, grandmother along with Dennis parents and brother and grandmother were there as well. They were hiding in the balcony, and when Dennis was called onto the stage, they held up the signs reading, WILL YOU MARRY ME? It was such an incredible moment and a full-circle one for our relationship. We wanted nothing more than to be married and continue our journey as husbands and see where that would lead. Our engagement catapulted our relationship to the next level, and we immediately jumped into wedding planning, for what was to be the best day of our lives (at least then it was)!


Special thanks to Daniel's best friend, Ksenia, event planner, Ashley, and the team at PS Photography for all their hard work putting this surprise together! Couldn't do with without these incredible people!

YouTube Video

Check out the video below as we share our magical engagement. It was definitely surreal to be back at the Faena theatre to record our intro and interview, but we couldn't pick a better place than where all the magic happened. Thank you for all the love you have sent our family during our blogging and vlogging journey. Keep the comments coming, we definitely love to read them and we answer every single one! If you haven't already, please smash the like button, and subscribe, to keep our channel visibility going and continue spreading love throughout the World!


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