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Dads that vlog together - Boys turn 10 months & pool fun!

Our boys have officially turned 10 months, which means, birthday planning is in full effect and time is slowly running out! We've got some great surprises in tow for their 1st birthday, which we won't be revealing just yet, but stay tuned to this blog for some before-the-event reveals!


We disclosed when we filmed our "50 facts about us Youtube video" that we were both Latin dancers, and part of our high school salsa clubs, a pure coincidence, but it just means we love dancing and partying it up as much as we can, although lately its been more of a party with our sheets and pillows because these dads are quite tired. Nonetheless it was time to celebrate another milestone and we put our tiredness to the wayside for a few minutes of bliss!

Celebrating 10 months

We decided to keep their 10 month celebration simple and just made a full-blown dance party in their nursery, right after waking up, feeding them and filling them with tons and tons of energy to enjoy the party. Daniel setup the room with party uplights and we ran with it and danced the morning away! It was a total blast, and our boys loved it right along with us. We definitely want to create an upbringing that is fun and full of life and by celebrating each and every moment with them, it sets the tone for just that! We danced away for about 15 minutes or so before our stamina was depleted and our boys were tired of getting spun in circles (lmao!).


Up next was a new adventure, pool time! Anybody that knows us, knows how much we like the pool, or any body of water, beach, lakes, etc. Before our boys, we always found ourselves in someone's pool so it's a definite must-have for our next home. This time around, we went to Daniel's cousin, Betty's home, in Coral Gables and immersed our boys in the pool for the very first time. Slowly but surely, our family and friends are getting vaccinated so we are resuming activities with those that have been vaccinated because its too much of a risk, otherwise.

We got them some floaties from BuyBuyBaby, and our cousin Jim, inflated them for us after a failed attempt by us, and we spent a few hours in the pool. Our boys loved the pool and splashed the day away in their floaties and in their cousin Gaby and Daddy's hands. It was a hit for them, and definitely for us, lovers of water! Can't wait to spend the summer exploring more water adventures with our boys!

YouTube Video

Check out the video below as we celebrate our boys 10 months of birth with some dancing fun and pool adventures! As always, we appreciate your love by LIKING, COMMENTING & SUBSCRIBING to our channel, if you haven't already done so!


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