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Camping Gone Wrong

We painted this incredible photo in our minds of a blissful camping trip with our boys, immersed in nature and all its beauty, barbequing, walking trails and exploring the surroundings and sleeping peacefully while hearing mother nature's soft nightly whispers and that's exactly what didn't happen. Aside from the fact that we had to bring our entire home with us, for the comfort of the babies, and us as well (lol), we did not anticipate how our night would turn out.


Don't do it!

So our boys are currently 6 months and are obviously still on formula, and warm formula that is, and two different types (one is intolerant to milk protein) so it wasn't the easiest of tasks to accomplish feeding. We brought along a bottle warmer we had just purchased at Walmart, which when it came time to use, DID NOT TURN ON! Luckily, we brought a small gas grill with us and a pot and plenty of water and that was our solution to the bottle warming situation. Problem solved, right? No!

While we were setting up our 6-person tent (we needed the space for all the babies items and we brought Zoey along as well) we left the tent unzipped and wide open, allowing the fresh cool breeze to cool our tent, and along with that entered 10,000 Everglades mosquitos. We didn't realize it at the time because they weren't really visible, and we were quite busy doing other tasks, and recording video for our YouTube channel, but many mosquitos had gathered in the corners of the interior of the tent near our bed, waiting for nightfall to pounce. Luckily they did not gather on the opposite side, where our babies bassinets were placed, so they stayed pretty clear of them.


The setup was beautiful!

I do want to add in here that Daniel did an amazing job setting up our "glamping" area, with tent, carpets, candles and then some. We tried to go luxury camping at first, but all campsites within 4 hours distance were all booked and any that were available had bad reviews, and some even complained of moldy tents and that's a definite no-no for us! Check out the photos of Daniels setup.

After making a fire and cooking some hamburgers on the grill at the campsite, we decided it was time for bed and would call it a night early, and it was pitch dark out, even with candles, flashlights and all the lighting we brought with us. We were also in the middle of a cold-spell, and figured the cold would be better than the insane heat we usually face. As the night progressed and we attempted sleep, the mosquitoes went on the attack and we were now full force into an ear-buzzing nightmare. They buzzed around every orifice they could find, mostly our ears, and did not surrender. We ended up having to cover our entire faces with blankets because it got so uncomfortable we could not fall asleep. Along with that the night got colder and colder forcing us to pull out several more blankets to keep warm. Our babies were in warm long sleeve onesies and their bassinets were covered with a breathable blanket as well and they stayed pretty warm throughout the night. We checked on them constantly and they slept quite well! We also heard various cars and trucks driving near our campground throughout the night, which was quite unsettling, and kept us on our toes. We were in a legit campground, but you never know who else is around or what animal is around, as we heard many different creatures roaming around as well.


Not Another Night.

When the sun rose, and some light finally filled our tent once again, we both looked at each other and pretty much said "f*** this!" lol! We were about 16 hours in and we could not stand having to go through all that again. We had originally planned on camping out for two nights, but one night was more than enough! We both have camped many times and even canoed down alligator infested waters and camped on the side of a river, so we have really done the true experience, but I think having two babies-in-toe changes the entire dynamic and the risks one is willing to take.

That day the air was flowing and the sun was beaming and it felt wonderful, so we made the best of it and decided we would stay and leave right before nightfall. Before our departure, we grilled some hotdogs, enjoyed a short walk around the campground, made some smores and our camping adventure with 6-month old twins had come to a very short end. Moral of the story... don't go camping with babies, in the cold, and make sure you keep your tent closed at all times. Although I might add, mosquitoes were coming in and out from the net anyway because the holes were not small enough to keep them out.


YouTube Video

Check out the video below of our very short-lived camping adventure with our boys. We definitely made the best of it, considering it all, and we hope it shows. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe, and let us know what else you'd like to see from our little family, in the future. As always, we appreciate all the love sent our way!


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